Rhythm all around

musicLabe update


Our first major update brought a wealth of new features:

Quick settings

Tap the center to access the most common settings.

Tap tempo

Find the true bpm with tap tempo or fine controls.


Achieve beat-accurate timing during looping with Quantization.

Find more detailed info about all the above in the Help menu in-app.

Now with Drums

Free AcousticKit

Easily groove with musicLabe’s brand new drum kits and
let yourself immerse in the creative process of making music.


Free version

• Acoustic drum kit
• Tap Tempo
• Quantize

In-app purchase:
Drum Kits Lite

• Electronic drum kit
• Abstract drum kit
• Vinyl scratch sound effects

Other improvements:

Instruments are grouped into sets, swipe to swap.
You can choose to disable the automatic start of the Tutorial in Help.

Free download.

No ads, ever.

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