“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

Zoltán Kodály

(Hungarian composer, educator, and philosopher)

From the beginning of time, all cultures used music in some shape or form as a way to entertain, to communicate or as a cultural tool. People of all ages and backgrounds are able to express themselves. They are able to connect with friends and strangers alike to forge long lasting relationships through music.

Music should be a central part of education from a young age, every child should have access to instruments and the people who teach them and be able to learn the amazing feeling of playing and/or singing. This would help create a new generation of highly skilled people who could then push the boundaries of music further.

Playing music has multiple other benefits, from well-being to cognitive thinking as well as mental health. People who can play an instrument or sing, deal better with stress, anxiety and depression and, as an added benefit, they perform better in most other areas of their life.

Our goal when we created musicLabe was to help build a world where everyone plays music, since we know that world would be full of innovation, creativity and joy.

A composer’s muse,
A designer’s inspiration,
Friendship, creative fuse.

Portrait photo of Samu Csernak
My name is Samu Csernak, and I’m a musician and nominated composer who has written both acoustic and electronic music for film and theatre. I grew up in the countryside and always wanted to be an astronomer but once I started to play and make music, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

The way that digital music allows you to experiment and build different soundscapes is so unique and liberating, the endless ways to assemble immersive musical experiences was something I had to explore.

For me, the marriage of traditional musical instruments and modern cutting-edge tools makes being a composer incredibly exciting and rewarding. I am really looking forward to seeing what the future will bring.

Portrait photo of Tamas Leisz
I’m Tamas Leisz, my main profession is graphic and motion design as well as animation, but I am also deeply passionate about app development, science and the workings of human consciousness.

Unfortunately, I have never learned to play a musical instrument, but luckily that has never meant that I could not appreciate music.
I absolutely love discovering new music and artists.

I like to be present where technology meets art and be actively seeking out unique experiences and opportunities to work on projects that push the envelope in these fields so as to bring my visions to life.
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