Imagine a world

in which everyone played music

With more people playing music, there would be a wider variety of instruments and genres to  choose from. People of all ages and backgrounds would be able to express themselves musically, forging connections and creating shared experiences through music.

In such a world, music education would likely be a key component of schools’ curricula, ensuring that every child had access to the tools and resources needed to learn an instrument. This could lead to a new generation of highly skilled musicians who could push the boundaries of what’s possible in music even further.

In addition to the social and cultural benefits of having more people playing music, there would also be significant benefits for mental health and well-being. Playing music is a highly meditative and immersive experience that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s also been shown to improve cognitive function, memory, and overall brain health.

A world in which everyone played music would be one of creativity, innovation, and joy. It’s a world that we can all work towards, by supporting music education programs and encouraging people to pick up an instrument and start playing.

A composer’s muse,
A designer’s inspiration,
Friendship, creative fuse.

Portrait photo of Samu Csernak
My name is Samu Csernak, and I'm a musician and nominated composer who has written both acoustic and electronic music for film and theatre. Growing up in the countryside, I dreamed of becoming an astronomer, but my love for music eventually took over.

I'm fascinated by the way that modern digital audio workstations and virtual instruments allow me to experiment with different sounds and textures, enabling me to create truly unique and immersive musical experiences.

For me, the marriage of traditional musical craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology is what makes creating music such a thrilling and rewarding experience. It's an exciting time to be a composer, and I can't wait to see where technology will take us next.
Portrait photo of Tamas Leisz
I'm Tamas Leisz, a graphic and motion designer who's deeply passionate about app development. While my professional focus is on design and animation, I've always been fascinated by science and the workings of the human consciousness.

Despite my curiosity in science and art, I've never learned how to play an instrument or create music. However, that's never stopped me from having a deep appreciation for music, and I love nothing more than listening to different genres and discovering new artists.

For me, the intersection of technology and creativity is where my true passion lies. Whether it's through developing new apps or experimenting with new techniques, I'm always seeking ways to bring my artistic vision to life.

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