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Amazingly simple to use. 
Magically intuitive.

And designed to let you play and create with ultimate freedom. It helps you to experiment with new musical ideas in ways you never imagined. 
Free, inspiring interface that anyone can use and enjoy. And if you already play a musical instrument, it feels familiar from the moment you open it.
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find the lost musician within you

Musical instrument
in your pocket

musicLabe is an easy-to-use instrument with everything you need to bring your music to the next level. Take your knowledge and creativity further with features for anything you can imagine.

Easy as

With musicLabe, there are no wrong notes. Choose your favorite scale, and the appropriate musical sounds appear automatically on your screen. And if you want to listen to scales and explore their mood, the ‘play scale’ button will play them for you immediately.
Playing along with your favorite song is a breeze.

Widen your perspectives

musicLabe is based on the harmonization of the circle of fifths and the Movable-do solfège method. It also includes a novel synesthesia-based sheet music system as well as a uniquely composed musical piece for each scale.

Connect with yourself

musicLabe supports you to reach the next level of your singing expertise. It includes solmization syllables and hand signs. 
The intuitive interface helps you to easily find the right pitch for your voice.

Always inspiring

musicLabe makes it easy to create musical sketches, or compose a unique piece with ease. With quick access to quality musical tones and all the controls you need, musicLabe breathes new music into your life.

Even more reasons to love musicLabe

musicLabe Vision

musicLabe can drive the initial musical interest of children and adults so their skills can be further developed.

musicLabe and Education

musicLabe can be a useful complement to traditional relative solmization-based solfeggio education.

musicLabe for Music Producers

Your favorite DAW's support is on the way! musicLabe will be the perfect companion to your music production software.

musicLabe Community

Record and share your masterpiece. Sing and play with your friends without limits.

musicLabe Availability

Works on both iOS and Android devices.

musicLabe Fun Fact

musicLabe is named after the ancient astronomical instrument—the Astrolabe.

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