Synth Set

Ride the waves of electronic music

musicLabe update v1.5

Synths have arrived to musicLabe

Let yourself immerse in the creative process of making music.

Synth Set

Four free synth sounds:
• HouseBass
• PlugKey
• SoftPad
• MinimalArp

In-app purchase:
• LowBass
• MassiveBass
• SoftKey
• UnisonKey
• WormLead
• VideoGame
• SoftArp
• EnergyArp

Octave changer

Change the octave of synths and enrich your music.


Use the frequency cutoff effect for drums and synths to achieve a unique musical expression.

Drum Pad

Enjoy your whole Drum Kit on a new, simplified drum pad.

Free download.

No ads, ever.

Get it on Google Play

Other improvements:

• While looping, the loop circle shows the current quantization.
• Enharmonics and notation options (after 'Three new views' in-app purchase)

Find more detailed info about all the above in the Help menu in-app.
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