Best Apps for 
Learning and 
Making Music

Facilitate your journey to becoming a musician 
with these affordable services.

by Oksana Khomutova

Everyone has thought about becoming a musician at least once in their life. Back in the day, it seemed like a pipe dream… and it was! You had to devote several years of your life to music school or spend a pretty penny on personal tutors – all that just to learn how to play one instrument. The old-school style of teaching was largely cut-and-dry, too. Many students were bored quickly, uninspired to progress further, and as a result, unable to feel the joy of music creation.

Luckily, now we’ve got a lot of music learning resources for all tastes and skill levels. One quick Google search and tons of affordable (and even completely free) online lessons, courses, services and applications are at our fingertips. One of such apps is musicLabe. It makes learning super easy and fun both for beginners and experienced musicians. If you want more great services to aid you in learning and production alike, check out this list!


LALAL.AI is perfect for DJs, producers, vocalists, guitar players and other musicians that already have some experience. This online service runs on the next-generation AI technology capable of quick and precise splitting of songs and videos into their components – vocals, instrumental parts, and various musical instruments like drums, bass, piano, synth, electric and acoustic guitars. Extracted stems can be used for creating song covers, mashups, remixes, as well as for practicing dance routines, playing an instrument and singing.


Yousician serves both beginners and advanced musicians. It’s an application for desktop and mobile devices that provides a personalized learning experience. Whether you want to learn how to play guitar, bass, ukulele, piano or get vocal training, Yousician’s got you covered. It enables you to get or hone musical skills with the help of lessons, regular challenges, and competitions with other people. The built-in sound detection allows the application to accurately evaluate your current level, and if you don’t have a physical instrument, you are free to use the on-screen one.

Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is a mobile application for iOS and Android that helps you learn how to play the piano. What makes it stand out from the competition is that it’s not just an app with lessons, tips and tricks but it also has a strong social element – you can communicate with other piano players from all over the world, make friends in a real-time online chat, share your progress, create guilds and participate in weekly challenges. If you don’t care for connecting with others on your journey to becoming a pianist, there is still a lot you will find useful. Perfect Piano really delivers on handy features that will take you to your goals.


Drumeo is the OG learning platform for drummers, new and experienced alike. Its step-by-step learning curriculum includes over a thousand songs and practice tools. Available both in web and mobile app format, Drumeo syncs all versions allowing you to take and complete lessons at home, office, school and on the go. In addition to a variety of learning tools, experienced drummers and even legends of the industry are instructing students, while a live support team ensures their success. The platform is subscription-based but if you’re not quite ready to commit yet, check out free drum lessons on the Drumeo YouTube channel.


Waveform is a cross-platform desktop DAW (digital audio workstation) for beginning music makers. It provides a surprising amount of possibilities free of charge – a great selection of chords and groves, digital instruments, drum sampling, step sequencing, transposing, snapping, quantizing, you name it. Waveform supports MP3, FLAC, OGG, AIFF and MIDI, giving you the freedom to work with ready-made audio files as well as create music from scratch. The interface is clean and customizable, so once you get a grip on the features and learn how to operate the DAW, you can change the appearance, configure parameters and set keys to your own liking.

Honorable mentions

In addition to the above services, you can check out Flowkey, SimplyPiano and Skoove for learning piano, GuitarTricks, Chordify and JustinGuitar for learning guitar, Drumate, X Drummer and Drum School for learning drums, and Tonestro for getting into brass and woodwind instruments.

This article has the cream of the crop applications geared towards mastering various instruments and making music. Select those that suit your needs best and get into work! 

If you’ve got the will and regular practice, you will start to confidently play music in no time – that’s a given. 


Good luck!

Oksana Khomutova
Writing about all things music for and other sites
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